Our mission for December is…the Retired Ministers Fund. (Also known as the Christmas Fund Offering)

This is one of the special Mission Offerings of the United Church of Christ and has been a way in which we share the light and love of Jesus Christ to those who have so faithfully and selflessly served, and now find themselves facing an unforseen financial crisis.

The generous gifts of UCC congregations and individuals to the Minister Retirement fund enabled the Pension Boards’ Ministerial Assistance program to provide some form of assistance to impact the lives of hundreds of persons during the past years!

Some ways these gifts are used:

Christmas “Thank you” checks are given to some retired UCC clergy/lay church employees. This special gift at Christmas-time reminds these veterans of the cross that they have not been forgotten and that the church is grateful for their service. Monthly pension supplementation is given to several hundreds of lower-income retired UCC clergy/lay employees. These funds subsidize premiums for the UCC Medicare Supplement Health Plan with RX so that individuals can afford and receive quality health care.

Sometimes those who serve the Church need our help, and emergency funds are available to assist in covering costs that arise unexpectedly – for example, large medical expenses, or home damage resulting from natural disasters.

Thank you for the ways you have contributed to the Retired Ministers Christmas fund Offering!


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