Helping to build a strong cohesion with Christian life and the Grace congregation, community groups allow a real connection between people to help build relationships where we can study and serve together.  Encompassing a broad spectrum of activities, these activities help connect those with similar interests and goals. Christian life is not possible in isolation. We need relationships with those who walk on the same path.

Some of the community groups that we host include:

NAMI Family to Family

The Alliance on Mental Illness – NAMI St. Louis
Helpline/Phone number:    314-962-4670
Link to our webpage:


“To improve the lives of persons with mental illness and their families through education, support, advocacy and research, in order to achieve the highest possible quality of life.”

What we do:

NAMI St. Louis offers a variety of courses and support groups to those with a mental illness and those affected by a mental illness.  We offer signature courses, included Family-to-Family that is taught here at Grace United Church.  If you have any questions about NAMI St. Louis, or need any assistance, please call us at 314-962-4670.

Girl Scouts

Cub Scouts

St. Peters Square Dancers

The views, opinions, and individual statements expressed by the community groups on this page are strictly those of the individual group. They may, or may not agree or conform to the religious views and opinions of Grace UCC or the United Church of Christ.